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VRITTAM (21 JULY 2013 - 27 JULY 2013)

Detroit’s fall: Things to know about Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection

As Detroit filed for bankruptcy on July 18, 2013. Let us know what led to Detroit’s fall and what is Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection in US Federal law.


FIIs pull out $3 bn from Indian capital markets in July

The weakness in the Indian currency was instrumental in overseas investors exiting the debt markets. FIIs, a major participant in Indian stock market, have pulled out more than Rs. 17,000 crores (about $3 billion) from the Indian capital so far this month.

Wal-Mart tells government it cannot meet 30% sourcing clause

The retail giant Walmart has expressed its concern over the sourcing restriction. As per the foreign direct investment (FDI) policy for multi-brand retail trading, at least 30% of the value of procurement of manufactured/processed products shall be sourced from Indian 'small industries’. The retail major has stated that it can procure only about 20%.

Maruti SX4, Toyota Corolla Altis to attract 27% excise

The Revenue Department   has clarified that sedans such as Maruti SX4 and Toyota Corolla Altis will not come under the slab of 30 per cent excise duty applied to sports utility vehicles (SUVs). The Central Board of Excise and Custom said these models, which are known as sedans, will attract 27 per cent excise duty, as applicable to large cars.

The Chinese economic slowdown and what it means for India


1.       More scope for improving domestic manufacturing sector for India.
2.      Reduced commodity prices, especially imports.
1.       Iron ore is a major export from India to China. This revenue will get affected.

Why Warren Buffett, Posco and others are giving up on India

What’s scaring foreigners away? Why they are pulling out their money from Indian market?

Consumers more confident globally, India slips to No. 3 in survey

Survey by Nielson showed that India ranked 3rd in terms of most bullish consumer market in the second quarter.
10 things you must know about Apple:
1.       World’s second largest information technology company.
2.       World’s third largest phone maker.
3.       Average profit margins of 40% compared to industrial average of 10%-20%.
4.       World’s second largest publicly traded firm by market capitalization.
5.       Transition of the  logo
6.       Apple is very well known for its flat structure. Each project has a DRI (Direct responsible individual) who owns total end to end ownership of the project. At Apple, employees are specialists who are not exposed to functions outside their area of expertise.
7.       Adopted agency pricing model for its e-books. For more information, please refer
9.       Overall profit fell to $ 6.9 billion from $ 8.8 billion a year ago, while its total revenues were only $ 300 million more than the same period in 2012. However, company shares were up more than 3 per cent to $ 432, but still a long way off their record high of over $ 700 in September 2012.
10.   Planning to launch a new television and a smart watch in the near future.

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