Friday, 18 March 2011


A simple quiz over the events that have unfolded recently. Answers are provided.

1. Name the two famous indices of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    Nikkei 225 and Topix
2. What is the problem faced by Japanese economy after the crisis?
    Appreciation of Japanese Yen
3. How many times has RBI revised its interest rates since March 2010?
    8 times
4. What is special about the Ides of March?
    15th of March when Ceaser was murdered by Brutus, Cassius and 60 other conspirators.
5. Who is the new Chairman of SEBI?
    U.K Sinha
6. Who is the first non American member of the board of Bank of America?
    Mukesh Ambani
7. Which major Japanese company has recently signed a deal with Reliance Capital to acquire a 26% stake in its life insurance?
    Nippon Life Insurance
8. Expand FCCB.
    Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
9. Which is the famous product that might be affected by the recent Japanese Crisis?
    The Apple Ipad 2
10. Name the country with the highest HDI in Africa.


  1. Answers:

    1. NIKKIE225 & TOPIX
    2. debt crisis
    3. 2 times ..i guess
    4. It refer to date of march 15.refered in shakespeare's play - 'julias ceaser'.
    5. C.B.Bhave
    6. Mukesh Ambani
    7. nippon
    8. Foreign currency convertible bond
    10. Libya

    Hats off to quiz makers....very good selection of q's..

  2. Good work Saurabh! The answers have been published.