Tuesday, 13 October 2015

VRITTAM ( 6th OCT 2015-13th OCT 2015)

IIP grows at 6.4% in August; inflation quickens to 4.41% in September 

India’s factory output and retail inflation accelerated in Aug and Sep, respectively, indicating gradual economic recovery and building pricing pressures

How it went down at Bank of Baroda 

The transfer took place under a rule that allows up to $100,000 in transfers as prepayment for imports, says a senior official at the bank

With big brands like Cafe Coffee Day and IndiGo lining up their public offers, the IPO market is set for a four-year record performance this year as close to Rs 6,600 crore has already been raised and plans are afoot for garnering another Rs 20,000 crore. 

At a time when public investment is sorely needed to crowd in reluctant private investment, it is welcome to note that the Railways is rising to the challenge. 

Around The World
More than 10,000 startup firms are being set up everyday in China as part of new reforms initiated by the Chinese government to halt the slide of the economy.

Angus Deaton wins 2015 Nobel prize in economics

Scottish economist Angus Deaton has won the Nobel memorial prize in economic sciences for “his analysis of consumption, poverty, and welfare,” the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said on Monday.


Dealing with poorly drafted laws

Most Bills are drafted in a hurry, with inadequate consultation with stakeholders, and insufficient examination by the law ministry


Five entrepreneurs who failed on the way


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